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Cheese, Fruit, & Veggie Trays
Fresh Fruit - Large Variety of different fresh fruits with a freshly prepared Cream Cheese dip.
Large serves 20-25                  Medium serves 10-15
Cubed Cheese - A tasty arrangement of select cheeses surrounding a large mound of fresh red & green grapes.        
Serves 20-25
Deluxe Veggies - A large selection of fresh crisp vegetables, marinated olives, and pickle spears surrounding a unique dipping sauce.
Large serves 20-25                   Medium serves 10-15
Appetizer Trays
Hummus & Pita Bread - A large bowl of our hummus surrounded by enough pita bread for everyone in your party.
Large serves 20-25                   Medium serves 10-15
Chicken Wings - Let your party take flight with our wings tossed in 3 signature sauces: Red Wing Sauce, Black Wing Sauce, & Cinco Amigo Sauce                       
Serves 20-25
Sandwich Trays
Wraps - A combination of gourmet wraps made with a variety of great quality meats and cheeses.
Serves 20-25
Spring Salad - Large bowl of salad containing a mixture of spring mix and romaine lettuce. Your choice of dressing served on the side. ( Mint Basil, Smokey Caesar, Soy Honey, or Jalapeno Walnut)
Serves 10-12
Garlic Green Beans - A large side of our infamous garlic green beans.
Serves 6-8
Puffed Potatoes - Large portion of those potatoes you just can't get enough of when dining here.
Serves 6-8
Coconut Rice - A delicious white rice cooked with coconut milk and peanuts
Serves 6-8
Main Courses
Lasagna - A large pan of our delicious lasagna made with a rich white wine sauce, beef is simmered in tomato basil sauce, and topped with mozzarella cheese
Serves 10-12
Chicken Enchiladas In Poblano Sauce - Corn tortillas filled with a chicken, vegetable, and cheese mixture, then topped with Poblano Cream Sauce. Topped with sour cream
Serves 10-12
Chicken Mediterranean- Chicken breasts and legs slowly cooked in a blend of peppers, tomato, garlic, capers, and olives. Will come with a large side of our puffed potatoes.
Serves 10-12
Cannelloni Stuffed With Seafood - Homemade pasta stuffed with a seafood sauce, vegetables, and topped with a Lobster Cognac Sauce, grilled shrimp and mussels.
Serves 10-12
Fruit Pie - A pie made with your favorite fresh fruit
Serves 6-8
Key Lime Pie - A whole Key lime pie made fresh from scratch
Serves 6-8
Cheesecake - A whole traditional cheesecake or a chocolate swirl option available as well.
Serves 8-10
Brownie In A Jar - Our trademark dessert-A chocolate brownie with nuts baked in a canning jar - Delicious when warmed up!
Serves 2 
We will be happy to create any other options you may wish to make from our restaurants menu.
All catering orders need to be ordered a minimum of  7 days ahead of time.
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