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Dragonfly Market

Home Made Sangria (base): $15.00 per Bottle

Wing Sauces: $9.00 + Tax
Size: 1 pint
Spicy and Sweet Jamaican Jerk
Cinco Amigo Sauce (5 Pepper Blend)
BBQ Sauces: $9.00 + Tax (size) 1 pint
Peach and Poblano BBQ sauce
Soups: (size) 1 quart
Tomato Basil $10.85 + Tax
*Ask about our seasonal soups and pricing
Salad Dressings: $9.00 (size) 1 pint
Mint Basil
Smokey Caesar
Soy Honey
French Garlic
Creamy Cilantro Bacon

Brownie in a Jar (for 2)
*ask about today's flavors

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