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Side Salad of Spring Mix and Romaine, Your Choice of Dressing
Mint-Basil, Soy Honey, French Garlic, or Creamy Smokey Caesar. 
(Smokey Caesar will be romaine lettuce, smokey dressing, parmesan cheese, and garlic toast)  $5

Hot Sides
    Puff Potatoes (6 pcs.)  $5
Coconut Rice with Chimichurri $2.50
Sweet Potato Plantain Cake $3.50
Sea Salt Potato Wedges (6 pcs.) $5
French Fries  $3.50
Mash Potatoes $3.50   
Garlic Green Beans $5
Goat Cheese Toast  $5
Crunchy Garlic Toast $.50

*Please alert your server of any food allergies*

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